select, implement, achieve – success with a new ERP platform

Those three simple words sum up the challenge of successfully implementing a new ERP system.

select your ERP

how do you go about finding a new ERP solution, indeed, what constitutes a “new” ERP solution and what should you be looking for?

what has happened in your business to get you to the position of looking for a new business system? – is an ERP system the answer?

what features and functions do you need in your new system? what benefits are you looking for?

These are just some of the questions we can help you answer!

implement your ERP

your software vendor has implementation consultants and maybe even project managers to help you get live – but do they know their own product sufficiently, are they capable of delivering value,

will they be able to add value to your project?

we can help you manage the implementation process by guiding you and helping you build an effective working relationship with your chosen vendor.

achieve with your ERP

will your software vendor understand the issues and challenges of your business, or your industry sector, in order to help you maximise the potential benefits of the new system?

our experience in working with companies like yours, on similar projects, means we can ensure you focus on and achieve the significant business benefits that a successful ERP implementation can deliver.