Let’s face it, as a manufacturing or distribution business, your core competency is not going to be ERP implementations is it?

You don’t have the resource (be that time or people) to devote full or even part time to what could be a lengthy implementation project.

You want to be able to use trusted and experienced resources and hope that your vendor has them in their consulting team. Where can you find a resource that understands ERP and your business requirements?

Similarly, most ERP vendors adopt a very broad market focus – few actually specialise in a small number of verticals. Consequently, they often cannot understand the subtleties of a particular market, or quickly and effectively build a framework for a successful implementation of their product in your market that addresses the unique functional and regulatory requirements of your market. Quite often, the vendor has a team of “generalists” in their consulting team, people who are very skilled in the product, but less so in terms of industry awareness.

Given those simple statements of truth, is it any wonder that the majority of ERP implementations fail to deliver the expected end results?

SOLEMEA has been established to provide assistance to companies going through a selection process, and to help those companies successfully implement their chosen solution and to achieve the desired level of business benefit from their investment.

Our focus is explained in the following three key activities, select, implement, achieve.

By being software agnostic (which means we don’t get any financial rewards from any software vendor for selling their licenses), we can deploy our industry experience and ERP expertise to focus purely on the achievement of your business objectives, helping you to manage costs and priorities more effectively, increase sales and, be able to manage the business and its key numbers, more effectively in the process.

We do this for companies that are in the batch process sector – so companies who need their ERP solution to talk about recipes or formulations rather than “BoM’s”.

Our clients are typically involved in the food sector, the chemicals sector or the pharmaceutical / nutraceutical sectors