Beyond the ERP “go live” there is a whole world of challenge and opportunity that we can help you unlock and achieve your ERP success.

ERP success – going live?

The “go live” usually marks the transition from services to support with your ERP vendor – the consultants and project resources you have been working with during the ERP implementation phase will record their objectives as being complete, you’ll doubtless have a post implementation review with your vendor and they will pass you over to their office based support team to manage the day to day questions that your users will have.

But hold on, is that it? – is that the end of your ERP project, have you achieved the ERP success you sought?

ERP success – continuous improvement

Your ERP vendor will provide “hot line” support – typically for a fixed % of the software license cost, giving you (typically) working hours access to a dedicated team of office based support consultants.

They will be there to handle the typical “how do i …?” and “this isn’t working the way I want” type questions that pop up on a regular basis.

This is all well and good – indeed essential to the smooth day to day running of your business – but alongside that, SOLEMEA can provide the necessary insight and guidance to help you continue to improve your return on investment, by helping you fine tune the system, find new and better ways of working, address new industry initiatives and develop new and unique ways of using the software to differentiate your business and generate more sales and more cost effective sales.

That’s because we believe ERP success is a constant, that it doesn’t stop at the go live, that your investment in an ERP platform needs regular and experienced guidance that we have the right experience in delivering.

To find out more about how we can deliver ERP success for your ERP implementation, contact us here.