How can we help you move through the ERP implementation process as smoothly as possible, with as few surprises as possible?

Well, let’s say you’ve made your decision, placed the purchase order and are now eagerly awaiting the start of ERP implementation.

ERP implementation – the role of the vendor

There’s typically a period of quiet, or relative calm, immediately after the push to get sign off on an ERP implementation project. This is often because the vendor has a sales team that is focused on getting sign off from you, of maintaining a high degree of momentum – whereas it’s delivery team is often running to a different pace – resources need to be briefed, the project handed over from sales to services, software ordered (if the vendor is a reseller rather than the owner/author) and consultants / project managers assigned and scheduled.

This apparent slowdown can often cause frustration or even doubt about the selection decision, so its important that you maintain strong and frequent communication with the designated sales / account manager, whilst all the pieces are being put in place.

Remember though, that the ERP vendor is focused on installation configuration, training and education and delivery to a “go live” point. that simple process can be dressed up in all manner of “implementation methodologies” but at the end of the day, that’s often what you’ve contracted with your ERP vendor to deliver.

ERP implementation – so, where do we fit in?

While your ERP vendor “marshals the troops” (or finds a consultant!) and your selection team (or person!) goes back to the day job of running a business, we can immediately add value by starting the process of creating the implementation blueprint – a detailed statement of current and planned (what is often referred to as the “as is” and “to be”) processes – completion of this will enable the ERP vendor to begin the configuration process quickly and effectively and also enables your key users to start thinking in detail about the new ERP solution and their role in the ERP implementation process.

Using the 30+ years of experience in process manufacturing and distribution businesses – we can help bridge the gap between your industry specific requirements and the vendors software, ensuring it is configured effectively and completely.

To find our more detail about how we can add value and simplify your ERP implementation, and eliminate a lot of the inherent risk – contact us here.