How can we make the process of ERP selection as simple and painless as possible?

There’s always a potential for a mismatch in the customer / vendor relationship.

The ERP vendor is in the business of selling software licenses, along with implementation and support services. You, on the other hand, manufacture or distribute products that the ERP vendor might have a passing familiarity with, but doesn’t often have the depth of knowledge to add much more value than the actual delivery of the software.

ERP Selection Checklists – do they help?

In addition, these days, ERP selection tools exist that enable you to review literally thousands of questions to come up with a customised requirements list that you can distribute to a select number of vendors.

The problem here though, is that many vendors will resist responding to such requirements documents, as they consume too much valuable time and resource, and also, that the questions are generally closed questions (does the system do “x” or “y”) that have been created to enable the vendor to give a straight yes/no answer. As most ERP solutions these days can be “configured” to do almost anything – then the customer is often faced with multiple responses that contain mainly “Yes” answers – and how can you differentiate the solutions when they all claim to be a great functional fit?

What we provide at SOLEMEA is the experience and expertise to focus your ERP selection on the “how do you do this” rather than the “can you do this” – and to be able to cut through the thousands of functional questions and focus your time on the key business requirements, the ones that will allow you to differentiate yourselves to your customers.

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