Process Manufacturing and Job Shop businesses are the cornerstone of the market that SOLEMEA focus on.

A big part of the reason for focusing on these two distinct types of manufacturing operations is that historically, ERP solutions have failed to provide the required functionality to companies in both sectors.

To be completely blunt about these shortcoming, a process manufacturing business that thinks in terms of recipes or formulations, is not going to find the required functionality in a solution built around the concept of a bill of material. Similarly, a job shop operation is not going to find the required functionality inĀ  that same solution that is anchored on standard stock parts.

For those process manufacturing businesses, other fundamental aspects, such as item attributes, nutritional and ingredient information, safety information, batch characteristics, shelf life, by products, co products, manufacturing order sequencing, are also shortcomings in traditional discrete manufacturing based ERP solutions.

For those job shop manufacturing businesses, the need to estimate one-offs, to build parts lists, and manufacturing routes – on the fly – and to work with dimensional materials (sheets, lengths etc) integrating with “nesting” sofware and producing “to order” rather than to stock, are all concepts that the generic “one size fits all” ERP solutions just don’t fit.

For small and medium sized process or job shop manufacturing businesses, the options for an effective ERP solution reduce significantly to little more than a handful of credible choices.

We can help you fast-track your ERP selection process and help you identify and implement the right, relevant solution to address your specific process industry needs.

You can find out more about our recommended solution for small to medium sized food, chemicals and pharma/nutraceutical operations by seeing our detailed solution page here.

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