With over 10 years of experience with SAP Business One, SOLEMEA is an ERP focused consulting business that has worked with companies across the globe, throughout Europe, North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East, to help them select, implement and achieve with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects.

Alongside our experience with SAP Business One, we have also worked with Infor CloudSuite Industrial and Fourth Shift, as well as evolution (formerly mTMS and now also a part of the legacy portfolio at Infor) and ASK ManMan among others.

With experience from both sides of the fence, as users, and as consultants with software vendors, we can provide expert advice and experience, to ensure your implementation both meets your objectives and continues to deliver long term business benefits.

We do this by focussing our efforts on three essential ERP activities;

  1. select – we don’t sell software, so we have no commercial interest in this aspect of your project and so can offer truly unbiased support to the selection process.
  2. implement  – your chosen ERP vendor is in the business of implementing your ERP solution, but you and your team will not be as well versed in the intricate detail of what is required to ensure a successful implementation – we provide the bridge between your team and its objectives, and your ERP partner and its resources, to ensure the two parties work successfully to achieve your objectives.
  3. achieve – your chosen ERP partner will focus on getting you “live” on your new platform, and will doubtless provide a remote help desk to fix any day to day issues – but we provide the expertise and focus to ensure your solution remains potent and continues to deliver on its promise.

You can read more about our services on the following pages but please contact us direct to discuss your plans and objectives in more detail.